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Monday, March 05, 2007

bunny ain't no kind of rider

Big Island, Hawaii Late December 2006...........................................

uh. yeah, i've been away

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hi... This is what I did on my Bloggin' Holidays...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Cakesniffer Experience

Tina is somewhere over the North Atlantic at this very Moment, probably with small children sniveling in her ear, in dire need for a wee and pining for home.

I'd like to think she had a nice "Meet Your Crazed Blogger Friends" holiday over here in Western Canada...

- I know I had a nice 3 days off work doing the tourist thing....

Alas... Jenn and I miss our Cakesniffer already...

....Even if we tried to maim her.
-------> by trying to push her off a chairlift at Silver Star Resort

-----> Feeding her copious amounts of Kraft Dinner

Trying to nudge her off a cliff in a lightning storm at Kalamalka Lake Park

(Ooooh they got Wet didn't they..... heh heh)

Then I nearly strangled her with my own bare hands after she tried to steal my bird at a Winery Tour - - That dirty, dirty bitch....

But really, in the end, she IS the most adorable Diet Pepsi guzzling Manc I've ever known ----> and very difficult to off (isn't that right April)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cakesniffer is in the house......

Yes! It actually is real-----> the Fabulous Tina "Cakesniffer" is en route to my home here in the glorious Okanagan.

It really is strange, this blogworld friendship turning real-life....

unfortunately for Jenn and I, Tina has taken up a love affair with the lovely (and music savvy) Trump
----> so our original plan of having an international tag team girlie wrastlin' match is out of the question... ;)

Never mind, it shall be a great 3 days... lots of Okanagany pleasures to be had...

Stay tuned for more from Tina's Great Canadian Adventure!!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

This Fucking Blog Thing.....

Jesus Christ! I have completly let this Blog-fantastica go to compete SHITE!

To be perfectly honest, I am feeling repelled by the blog... It's like neglecting your friends... like screening your calls... like avoiding things that make you uncomfortable.
You leave for a bit and all your blog gang has new friends and you feel like an online diary outcast... and it was your own stupid fault.

I've just gotten caught up in a crazy relationshit stuff... getting my feet rubbed whilst watching TV after going for long walks on the beach and in bed by 9:00 pm.....

When I was a blog rockstar, living alone, and up til the break of dawn spewing my fantastic crap I had dozens of blog friends and my life was complete and special. I was someone who cared and my peeps loved the planes....

Imagine! I let this blog go fully to the back burner of my life for weeks now and I feel guilty and awkward trying to post something.

I'm an ass.
I just can't bring myself to burn my diary...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Matter of Life and Death

Well, I just returned from jolly ol' England on Wednesday after attending the end of life and funeral of my poor ol' Grandad.

He was 82.

- My Grandad was an RAF pilot in WW2.
- He flew Spitfires and Hurricanes in the Battle of Burma.
- He told the greatest stories about those years, even if they weren't fully true.
- He lived through TB and losing a lung that almost killed him during the war at age 21.
- My Grandma and Grandad moved to Canada in 1981 and lived here for 20 years before deciding to go back to live in Harvington, England in 2002.
- He taught me how to ride a bike, build a campfire, shoot a gun and various other useful things in life.
- He made me love aircraft and flying... so therefore made me who I am today.

I miss him and I had so much respect.

All in all, it was possibly the longest, strangest week and a half of my life.

-----> England is definitely for the English.....Hopefully it is the final moments of Tony Blair.... My Family puts the FUNK in Disfunctional.... It is amazing how much money a last minute trip to the other side of the world actually costs....I love Tesco Sandwiches, Old Peculiar, and Sainsbury Curries....

****And what the Fuck is so special about the Arctic Monkeys?....****

But despite all that, Cheers to you JFD... We can all only hope to have such a brilliant and full life.
You had a profound effect on me and I will remember you forever for that.

xoxoxox Connie

I had your last pint of Guinness for you Grandad. ;)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Olympic Hangover

You know, I really love the Olympics and I really miss it now that it's over.

I get so into it when its on, I watched it every day and actually enjoying sports that you could give a flying fuck about any other year...

Like 2 man Luge.

Yeah... Dead Sexy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogging about your Career....

To be honest, one of the reasons I got somewhat "bored" of writing about Corrosion and airplane stuff, is that I got kinda paranoid.
There were a few comments made to me from co-workers such as "What would Management think of all the pictures you have?"

- Well of course I replied, "Bahh!, it's nothing! I've never mentioned the company name ... I've never said anything but how in love with Corrosion I am!.... What COULD they say?"

But it shook me.

There is the blogging urban legend warning of scores of people losing their jobs for the complicated web it weaves.... My job is all about trade secrets and keeping the sky safe for everyone.
----> Maybe showing Airplanes rotting out and me being me, showcasing pictures of my co-workers nipples could be perceived as irresponsible and unprofessional in some peoples eyes....

I was worried that the dude who questioned me was thinking of outing my happy little blog.....
I saw how great blogmistress' like Aviatrix made a rule of never mentioning any company names....

Paranoia will destroy ya.

But, you know what? - Fuck it!
----->I think I must have dropped the haters by now and only my faithful still remain.
You guys love me right? You would never tell....
I only wanted to share the joy of galvanic metal decomposition with the world.

Exfoliation is beautiful......

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Airplanes and Corrosion It Is.......

Well, what can I say....

I have some great "fans" of Connielingus who, in the last week, have sent me emails and left comments to say that they actually really liked my blog and it's Aircraft genre... - They hoped That I wouldn't quit.

Well, I honestly never thought Corrosion would be such a hit!

I mean, when I see a blow-out of epic proportions I secretly get a bit of a Girly hard-on, but to think there are others just like me out there in this strange and beautiful world....
I am sorry I was on the verge of giving up on you.

Well, I honestly haven't been around too much Corrosion lately.... I have been involved in a new project which involves installing winglets on 757's.

----> It's actually quite the process... The fwd and aft spars get cut at the tip, the top and bottom wing skins get removed 10 ft at the end of the wing followed by various stiffners and stringers that are installed inside the fuel cell/wing all the way back to the engine nacelle.
Finally after all the beef ups the Winglet is installed to the wingtip, making for a sexy, stylish fuel saving add-on.

Get This....
Because the Winglets smooth out the turbulent air movement at the end of the wings during flight, over time you can save up to 5% in fuel consumption... When you are talking thousands of pounds of fuel each flight - that's a shit load of money.

At approx. a million dollars for the install, rumour has it that Winglets pay for themselves in just 2 years....

----->Do you guys want to see a SWEET Video Clip?????

Click HERE to watch a Flyby by the "Land of Ice" Airlines 757 on it's test flight after our last install 2 weeks ago. Watch for the Sticky-up parts on the end of the wing!

I did that!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My New Blog......

So I have a new blog.
I even have a new alter-ego.
It's yet another godforsaken mp3 music blog...
-But this one is good.- (I've already been doing it for a week now.)

You wanna see it?

Let me know what you think....

I'll probably be over at my new place for the most part from now on, but I haven't decided to end Connielingus just yet....
I'll still be around once a week or so for all you HARDCORE Connielingus fans out there.... lol.

Take care bloggie friends...
xoxoxoxox connie

Thursday, February 09, 2006

the one year blogging blues.....

So I have decided I am going a new direction with my blogging career

- And it will be soon

-------> a music/mp3 based blog
you know, "the review of the song, click the mp3 download link" type deal.

here's an example....

Laura Veirs is so cool!
You can listen to some vintage Laura Veirs by clicking the link!
Listen Now! Green Cowboy


Holy Shit! The White Stripes are Covering a Tegan and Sara Song!!!!
Listen to Walking With a Ghost

I will be so cool.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Way We Live.......


Just so you know,
I HAVE been watching Season 3 of The Word and so far so good.
Carmen's ass at the end of ep 3 was quite delightful.....

Jenny is obviously on her meds.....
So all is good there.

A wee bit of a confusing time warp from the finale ep. of last year....
Somehow in the last 6 months Alice and Dana break up, Alice goes "Jenny Psycho", Dana may die, Helena turns into a pleasant, helpful friend of Alice (?) Bette still doesn't have a job, Tina is an indifferent cyber-sexing bitch and Carmen and Shane are happy-go-lucky lovers in a dangerous time.
Throw in a little FTM drama and we are in for some intense action.

Oh yeah, and,

------>Kit is probably gonna hump the "Manny" isn't she.....

At least there is no sign of "Betty" thus far.

And just for the record - Personally, I find Moira somewhat attractive.....

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Oh yes, just got back from a quick romp in Hawaii....

We had the most wonderful week away....
----->Fucking Crazy-busy in "Las Waikiki".... The only way to really relax is to rent a car and see the slower-paced and much more beautiful parts of the island by yourself away from the insanity.... Unless, of course, you like that sorta thing.


But of course the shitty ending to this last week in paradise was returning home to the land of Ice and Snow to find that void-of-personality-wanker helmet-haired WWJD homophobic Conservative knob Stephen Harper actually got voted in as Prime Minister of Canada.

People! WTF!

It's always one step forward and two steps back in this bloody country.

This shall be interesting.